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Are you looking to purchase property in Sydney?

FINALIST: Buyers Agent of the Year!


Since 2013, it has celebrated the best of the best in real estate sales and property management, and is the most coveted award for Australia’s agents, networks, innovators, leaders and property managers.

As a Buyers Agent I can help you secure your perfect property for the right price. Finding the diamond in the rough can be a difficult process on your own, not to mention having the skills and experience to negotiate and understand the buying process

If you’re overwhelmed by the competitive Sydney property landscape, Porters House will make your next property purchase rewarding, stress-free and ultimately worthwhile.

We will guide you through the process one step at a time, making sure you are ready to pounce on the right property, at the right time, for the right price.


Initial Consultation

We want to get to know you, what you need in a property and understand your aspirations.

Plan Of Attack

This detailed briefing process will outline your key objectives, our strategy and what you can expect when you engage with Porters House.

Search, Research & Shortlist

we utilise our extensive network of agents and resources to begin the search for your ideal property. Using our detailed brief, we gather a shortlist of on and off-market property.

Property Evaluation

Evaluating the true value of a property, and inspecting the various reports involved simply mystifies some buyers. For the savviest of investors, this process is still time consuming and frustrating.


We have 20 years experience dealing in the purchase of property. The two most common apprehensions with purchasing are: 1. Understanding the different purchasing processes and 2. negotiating with agents and auction bidding strategy.

Exchange & Pre-Settlement

Even once your offer has been accepted by the vendor, there is room for error. Little do many buyers realise that, until the exchange is complete, your offer is still at risk of being thwarted by another buyer or by a change of heart.

Post Settlement

From ‘on the lookout’ to settlement, Porters House are working with you, to ensure that your property purchase is a rewarding experience. We wish you every success with your new home or investment property.


Porters House, founded by Cameron, is the result of his passion for property.

With over 20 years of experience in the property market, both personally and professionally, it’s safe to say that Cameron is more than a little obsessed. The nuances of buying and selling property, and building wealth through sound investment is something that Cameron intimately understands.

Cameron recognises that buying a property, whether as an investor or as an owner-occupier, is a deeply personal, and often emotional process. What sets Cameron apart is his exceptional ability to unite the buyer’s personal and family needs with their ultimate potential for financial growth. Boasting an impressive investment portfolio himself, Cameron enjoys nothing more than sharing his knowledge with his clients and celebrating their success.




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