Getting into the market can seem impossible. The time, energy, money, and mental health that goes into the process can make it a mountain too tall to climb.

Opening the doors to your dream home – at the right place, at the right price.

Our strategic, skilled and personal approach to property investment is your best asset in the buying process. Porters House, with over 20 years of personal and professional experience, are your unfair advantage in the property market. If you’re overwhelmed by the competitive Sydney property landscape, Porters House will make your next property purchase rewarding, stress-free and ultimately worthwhile. We represent our buyers as we would represent ourselves: with zeal and enthusiasm, marrying the emotional aspects of property acquisition with the view to long-term growth. Our unique and innovative approach to property sets us apart, and will help you to make the purchase you’ve been dreaming of.



Cameron Porter’s years of experience with buying and selling property, including his own, has seen him build a formidable network of agents. At Porters House, we understand the vendor’s motivations for selling, and are able to negotiate an outcome for the buyer, which would otherwise be unable to achieve. We have access to off-market properties which other agents are yet to hear of, and because of this, we can win you the perfect property.


We treat our clients like our dearest friends, and we pride ourselves on our dedicated approach. Nothing is too much trouble, to help you secure the result you’re looking for. Whether it be ferrying you between viewings, or shooting across town to ensure that your contracts are delivered on time – we are here for you, throughout all aspects of your buying process.


Unlike the seller’s agent, Porters House is your advocate and trusted advisor, who has only your interests at heart. We understand that buying property can be an emotional and sometimes overwhelming experience. At Porters House, our years of experience allows us to represent you objectively, and with a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that you don’t end up paying too much for your property.


At Porters House, we are experts in negotiation and buyers’ strategy. Cameron’s understanding of the property market, including buyer and seller motivations sees him uniquely positioned to secure the best property, at the best price for his clients. We manage the expectations of both buyers and sellers, to ensure that you secure the property you’ve been dreaming of. From offer, to exchange, to final settlement, we’ll help you to close the deal.


We represent buyers in the real estate process. The strategy, process and systems that we have developed and implemented, separate us from the herd. Our service is designed to make the real estate process simple, fun and rewarding for the buyer.

Porters House, founded by Cameron, is the result of his passion for property. With over 17 years of experience in the property market, both personally and professionally, it’s safe to say that Cameron is more than a little obsessed. The nuances of buying and selling property, and building wealth through sound investment is something that Cameron intimately understands.

Cameron recognises that buying a property, whether as an investor or as an owner-occupier, is a deeply personal, and often emotional process. What sets Cameron apart is his exceptional ability to unite the buyer’s personal and family needs with their ultimate potential for financial growth. Boasting an impressive investment portfolio himself, Cameron enjoys nothing more than sharing his knowledge with his clients and celebrating their success.

Cameron Porter

Principal Buyer’s Agent



If you’ve already found your ideal property but need an independent opinion on its market value, we will assess the property; reporting on its current value, opportunities for growth, and then moving on to negotiate with the vendor on your behalf. Porters House will arm you with the information you need, and help you to secure the best price.


Whether you’re new to the property market, or an investment aficionada with limited time, we at Porters House provide a full suite of services to secure your perfect property. From researching the market, to inspections, negotiations and finally, securing the deal – our full-service offering will take care of every facet of the home buying process.


Selling a house can be just as fraught with difficulty and confusion as buying. At Porters House, we have built a network of experienced and dedicated agents, whom we can put you in touch with. We will work with you, to find the best-selling agent in your area, and help you to negotiate on fees. Let us assist you with deciding upon marketing expenditure, and create a package with your agent which best suits your needs. Are you going to auction, or hoping to sell via private treaty? We can help you to create a selling strategy, based on market trends, which will achieve the best result for your property sale.


Attending and bidding at auctions is exciting, emotion-fuelled and often intimidating. As we are experienced professionals, we act as your agent at an auction and ensure that you don’t get swept away in the furore; paying more than you are willing to spend. Let Porters House go in to bat for you today.

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