Understanding the Key Handover Process After Property Settlement

When can I receive the keys to the property after settlement?

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After the lengthy process of purchasing a property, the moment of key handover is eagerly anticipated. Understanding when and how you will receive the keys after settlement is crucial for a smooth transition. On the settlement date, the first step is to complete a pre-settlement inspection. However, it’s important to note that this inspection does not equate to taking possession of the property or the keys.

The Settlement Process

Settlement usually occurs later in the day following the pre-settlement inspection. The lawyers play a pivotal role at this stage. They will inform the selling agent that the settlement has been completed. This communication is typically done through a document known as the “Order on Agent.” Once this document is sent and received, it signifies that the legal process of transferring the property’s ownership is complete.

Receiving the Keys

After the settlement process is finalised and the Order on Agent is sent, the keys can then be released to you. This marks the point where you can officially move into your new property, or if you’re an investor, your new tenant can take possession.

Ready to Move In or Invest?

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