How a Buyer’s Agent helps Expats buy Australian property remotely while overseas

How a Buyer’s Agent helps Expats buy Australian property remotely while overseas

Are you an Expat living overseas looking to buy Australian property?

As you know, this can be a great investment or even provide you with a home to return to when you come back to our shores again.

However, even with digital technology today, it’s hard to find the right property when you’re thousands of kilometres away. This can really increase your risk of making the wrong decision.

That’s where a Buyer’s Agent can help Expats buy property.

How a Buyer’s Agent helps Expats buy Australian property remotely while overseas 1

Buying Australian Property as an Expat

In today’s digital age, you can simply jump online to find properties and connect with the real estate agent who will then organise virtual inspections to show you a home – no matter where you are.

Although this is convenient, it’s never quite the same as in-person. You may not see the complete picture and miss some important details about the property. For instance: do you believe the agent would show you any details they didn’t want you to take a close look at?

Unfortunately, this is a pretty big risk to take, especially as Australian property can be quite a significant investment for you not to be 100% sure.

The natural response is to ask your family or friends. While they’ll gladly assist you in the process of buying a property, they don’t always have the right real estate expertise and the risk profile to help you make well-informed decisions. Personal bias is also an aspect that might affect their judgment. On top of that, they have their own busy schedules, making it quite a burden to home hunt on your behalf.

While these alternatives may work for you as an entry-level starting point, buying a property from overseas really requires someone who is available, is working in your best interests and understands the real estate world.

That’s where a professional Buyer’s Agent can help you buy property as an Expat.

How does a Buyer’s Agent help Expats?

A Buyer’s Agent is a representative who is there to do the property searching on your behalf.

They serve as your physical eyes, hands and ears on the ground when meticulously inspecting properties to help refine your options to best suit your preferences – all while providing their insider knowledge and years of real estate experience.

With a Buyer’s Agent on your side, you can purchase properties remotely without ever worrying about making the wrong investment simply because you weren’t physically present.

As a business professional, you’re used to people paying for your service and expertise – a Buyer’s Agent works the same way. As property experts, we undertake due diligence on your behalf, analyse each property, attend Open Homes and speak to agents, so you’ll never miss any detail and can make the best investment decisions.

How a Buyer’s Agent helps Expats buy Australian property remotely while overseas 2

Speak to a Buyer’s Agent you can trust

Your Buyer’s Agent should be someone who will make your life easier when it comes to purchasing real estate – searching for the best properties, evaluating every aspect and negotiating to get you the best deal.

Expertise and experience are important, but one thing to always look for in a Buyer’s Agent is their willingness to listen and attend to your preferences as a property buyer – all while having a proper risk profile to help you make appropriate decisions.

So, are you an Expat planning to buy property from outside of Australia?

How Porter’s House helps Expats buy property

Porter’s House has been a trusted partner in Australian property investment and real estate services for over 20 years.

We provide our clients with a strategic, skilled and personal approach when solving your property needs. 

We value every transaction that our clients make because we understand that purchasing a property, whether for investment or for personal use is an emotional and personal experience.

Achieve your property goals remotely with a Buyer’s Agent you can depend on.

For expert property purchasing services specifically tailored for you, contact Porter’s House today – +61 411 202 685 or

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